Private Modeling Lessons

 Our private modeling course is designed for new models who want to start their careers, who lives in the Florida area and who are in need one-on-one attention. A new model will be able to discuss with the instructors about his/her modeling goals, learn how to strut the catwalk, develop photo techniques, and refine communication skills including verbal and physical presentations. .

One-on-One Training

We'd like to not only give each and every one of our students the knowledge they need to excel on their journey, but also provide a personalized approach to both theoretical and practical on-set coaching.

Learn to Pose

Our instructors have been in the industry for over 20 years. We’re here to jumpstart your career in the unique, glamorous world of international modeling. You will learn the skills to be a successful model.

Learn about Agency requirements

We will provide both a broad view of the industry and, with the help of outstanding working professionals provide a detailed glimpse into the ups and downs of the modeling world.

Portfolio Development

As an added extra bonus, you will receive a full photoshoot with insdustry makeup artist and wardrobe stylist.We will help you develop the right image for your portfolio.

Work with industry professionals

Taking modeling classes will also train you how to improve your existing skills. It will also help you learn the guidelines you will need to follow in the modeling industry.

Learn from the best!

We specialize in teaching all of the necessary things every aspiring model should know. Modeling might seem easy, but it takes discipline, patience, confidence, & poise

The entertainment industry is the most competitive in the world. Taking classes, will improve your abilities, teach you new styles and techniques, and make you better prepared for all of your modeling auditions.